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Timber production:

Baltic Forest Paikuse Sawmill is producing both pine and spruce sawn timber. Our capacity is to saw up to 400000 m3 of logs annually. We are sawing logs in diameter range in between 18-60 cm and in lengths 3,1 -5,5 m.

We use modern efficient technology to operate our sawmill, which gives us best possible yield from each and every log.

Södernhamn Eriksson’s band saw line together with new Rema Sawco operating software enables to create flexible sawing patterns and to produce customers’ special sizes.

Most used and most valued in Scandinavia – Valutec kilning chambers and progressive kilns – have sufficient capacity for kilning whole sawmill’s production, KD % according to order (KD 8-18%).

We are producing calibrated/planed and strength-graded material with 9-spindle Waco plaining line and MPC Computermatic equipment.

Timber sales:

Significant part of produced sawn timber is being sold to local wood industry for further processing (door and window components, molding, cladding, roofing, wooden houses etc)

The other part is transported by trucks to our customers within Europe or being shipped in containers all over the world.

We are very flexible in our sawn timber production and can produce custom sizes. We produce by orders and prefer long-term cooperation.

Our sawn timber lengths are 2,7 – 5,4 m.

Our production process is FSC, PEFC and HT certified.

We can offer strength-graded and calibrated timber, based on our client wishes, example C24, C16